The PGM Collection -

innovative wedding bands manufactured with platinum,
palladium and ruthenium.

PGM Collection

It is the dawn of a remarkable new era.

At the new Wright & Lato, nothing less than excellence will be accepted or passed on to the customer. And for this era, there must be great ideas for even stronger expressions. Wright & Lato's PGM Collection features platinum - the rarest of all metals - with palladium and ruthenium to create the boldest wedding band statement manufactured from the supreme metal family found on earth.

These metals hold their naturally white color and will last through generation after generation. A wedding band can also be a treasured heirloom, so imagine how valuable your bridal jewelry can be to your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It is a lifelong statement, and needs to be created from material that can last a lifetime.

Key facts to remember about the PGM Collection:

  • The PGM Collection bands features platinum inlayed in a palladium base.
  • All wedding bands in the PGM Collection wedding bands are hand crafted from earth's great white precious metals - platinum, palladium and ruthenium.
  • Each PGM Collection wedding band is hypo-allergenic.
  • Platinum and palladium are naturally white, so rhodium plating is not necessary.
  • The rarity and pureness of platinum, when combined with the durability of palladium, unite to forge the strongest statement.

Wright & Lato can now offer manufacturing flexibility with almost all of our wedding bands. All styles in the PGM Collection can be made wider, narrower, with different finishes and much more. We can now ensure that all of our valued customers can create exactly what they want and by their deadline. A wedding band should not be a commodity or "cookie cutter." It is jewelry that has expression and true value. Never settle for less when only the best will do.

The Wright & Lato PGM Collection - purity and durability for a lifetime.

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