About Wright & Lato

About Wright & Lato

Novell and Wright & Lato Create A True Bridal Jewelry Marriage

Roselle, NJ - Novell Design Studio, a leading bridal jewelry manufacturer which specializes in product customization, has recently acquired Wright & Lato, a former competitor within the wedding ring industry. After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, retail jewelry stores and consumers may have found themselves scrambling to answer this question - will my ring order be created in time for the wedding? Novell agreed to step in to manufacture anything that was on order when and wherever it was possible. As a result, Wright & Lato was able to keep its doors open long enough to remain on the open market. Novell was able to not only ensure that current retailers and consumers alike could walk away as satisfied customers in the short term, but they have been able to secure all Wright & Lato assets, customer lists and intellectual properties. A sad story for Wright & Lato has turned into a bright new chapter for Novell. This is a marriage made in bridal jewelry heaven.

Righting The Wrongs Within The Acquired Brand

Over time, any established business may develop a few kinks within their system. Wright & Lato is no exception. Novell will move the acquired brand name forward utilizing strategic retail placements and by realigning the core products' appearance. The plan will also include an improvement of the company's manufacturing process, so that every Wright & Lato wedding ring will have the same flexibility options, quality and customer assurance that Novell has been providing for the past two decades. In recent years, a bevy of jewelry industry professionals may have asked "what is wrong with Wright & Lato?" Soon, they will be able to counter that question with "you should see what's right with Wright & Lato!" Novell guarantees that the next year will be filled with movement in a positive and more visible direction for the company. Rebuilding the brand will result in a rebirth of an established jewelry manufacturer.

The End of Wright & Lato's 585 Platinum Era

Lately, some manufacturers such as Wright & Lato began creating styles with a controversial metal being sold as 585 Platinum. The "585" stands for the 58.5% pure platinum that makes up most of the metal, while the remaining 41.5% of its composition is comprised of copper and cobalt filler. Novell has always maintained a strong company policy against using this material for jewelry due to possible consumer confusion within the marketplace. Now, Wright & Lato will use only platinum that is at least 95.2% pure. A step up in metal quality is reflects Novell's belief in offering the consumer the best manufacturing with some of the better metals found today. Traditional metals in bridal jewelry manufacturing will always stand the test of time.

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